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The Flight of Lovely Baruah with FITBIRD

“Success doesn’t come easy, you need to work towards it” opines Lovely Baruah, as she turns 47. Lovely hails from Namrup, Assam and is now a permanent resident of Tripura by virtue of her marriage. A mother of a 13 year old son, Lovely is an entrepreneur of repute in the North East of India. Lovely runs FITBIRD, an exclusive handloom and handicraft store in Agartala, Tripura established in 2016. With a successful career in the FMCG sector Lovely got hands on experience in working closely with dealers and clients. With a post graduate in Fine Arts she had joined Tripura Bamboo Mission as Designer and Cluster Coordinator. But that lasted for three years after which life came to a standstill. Designing stayed on her mind. She started visiting artisans in different districts and ideas started evolving. Lovely started putting her ideas on paper, with no support whatsoever, her only monetary support being her provident fund money and her savings. With people saying it wasn’t worth a risk, Lovely was unrelenting. Her dream towards working with artisans and weavers, and creating handicraft was soon taking shape. Providing for the women artisans and weavers a decent lifestyle was another dream she was aspiring to realise. Innumerable trips to government departments and related agencies were turning out to be futile. Yet Lovely Baruah did not give up. Her dedication saw the light of the day in 2016 and FITBIRD took flight. Lovely also started getting help from the Government after relentless efforts. With major Airports around India being her customers, FITBIRD collaborated with stores in airports too. The major products being, handicraft items, handloom garments, home furnishings, décor items and customized products FITBIRD catered to all business segments.

Lovely Baruah has also collaborated with schools teaching young children the skills and value of locally available products. Establishing a new brand obviously came with challenges, yet Lovely Baruah kept pushing her limits with the support of her fellow artisans, weavers and workers. Lovely Baruah does not want to stagnate here, she is now focusing on innovation and recycling products. Lovely Baruah has carved a niche for herself by being a woman entrepreneur with very little or limited support and also creating livelihood opportunities for fellow women folk.
With the undying and ceaseless efforts of Lovely Baruah, a highly determined and dedicated woman entrepreneur as she is, FITBIRD shall soon be counted among the top handloom and handicraft makers.
No matter what your age, where you belong, it’s your will that shall bring you success. Lovely Baruah is a true inspiration to all aspiring women who want to achieve the impossible.


    Lovely Baruah, you are truly an inspiration for all women. A believer, and a go getter like you, hope you achieve more and more success in life and keep inspiring and empowering the women folk.

      Thank you for your encouraging words.
      Regards and love

    Please accept my appreciation for the excellent work you are doing through your brand FitBird. What is most inspiring is that you through your tireless commitment & years of hardwork have been successful in creating sustained livelihood for scores of artisans, thereby bringing the much needed joy in their lives besides making them financially independent. You are a role model for many budding entrepreneurs. Will like to wish you all the very best for your future endeavours & entrepreneur journey.

      Thank you so much for your good wishes and encouragement.

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